What Sort of Road Cyclist Are You?

Endurance / Road Cyclist

Committed, non-competitive riders are usually concerned with comfort over all other factors. Being able to go the distance means selecting a frame that allows the rider to maintain a comfortable posture with minimal impact on the body.  A quality endurance road bike like the Fuji Sportif is recommended for this sort of riding.

Sprinters & Triathletes

Sprinters (and triathletes) are cyclists who are concerned with maximum speed and efficiency across (relatively) short distances. A bike frame made of lighter materials (like carbon fiber) is favored by sprinters, particularly one with an aerodynamic riding posture and aero-dynamically shaped components. At Cycle Shack, sprinters and triathletes are most often paired up with a Fuji Transonic aero road bike.

Climbers & Competitive Bike Tourists

Touring cyclists often love riding in varying elevations--like mountain ranges or foothills. These conditions provide excellent interval-based workouts and are particularly challenging even for experienced distance riders. An ultralight bicycle with gear ratios that will maximize power output on steep inclines and descents is what climbers need, and we recommend the Fuji SL carbon road bike for this.

Fitness Enthusiast / Cross-Trainer

Fitness enthusiasts, especially runners, are often looking for alternative ways to train their cardio workouts. They may be trying to avoid impact on the knees and hips, or they may be trying to induce muscle confusion to build strength for their primary sport.  This makes an endurance road bike the ideal choice. We recommend the Fuji Sportif or even the super-relaxed Fuji Jari in this case.

Beginning Road Cyclist

People who are brand-new to road biking may not be sure what sort of cyclist they're setting out to become. They know they like the experience of bicycling, and they enjoy the speed and sportiness that a road bike provides.  They may advance to competitive cycling or they may simply continue to enjoy the pastime of group rides and fresh air. In this case, we recommend an inexpensive starter road bike, like the Fuji Sportif 2.3. If the dropped handlebars are too intimidating for a first time rider, starting out on a fitness hybrid, like the Fuji Absolute, might be a better way to go.