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What Happens When Someone Buys a Bike from Dick’s or Amazon

It never fails to amaze me how powerful the marketing is at the big box stores like Dick’s, Target, and the virtual big box Amazon. People buy bicycles from these places… and then, invariably, bring them into our shop to be repaired.  The problem is–the bikes they’re buying from these sources are often incorrectly and unsafely assembled, and the big boxes don’t seem to want to improve this problem.

So what do they do?

When their customers call in to remedy problems with the bikes they bought from them… they send them to a bike shop like Cycle Shack. Up to a quarter of our service work is repairing the screw-ups of the big box stores’ bike departments.  Often, during the course of repairing these problems, we’ll discover that the bike wasn’t even the right size for its rider to begin with–yeah, I’m looking at you, Amazon.

Our strategy for providing you with a superior shopping and service experience is summed up in these five points:

  • Assembly – Our bikes undergo final assembly by professional cycle mechanics. At a box store, the bikes are assembled (often unsafely) by the same untrained part-timers that assemble the grills at the big box hardware store.We even sell professional local assembly when you buy one of our bikes online. Try finding that on Amazon!
  • Quality Products, not Just Talk About Quality – There’s a reason why we curate the products we do. We choose Fuji Bikes precisely because it isn’t Schwinn.  We choose 3G Bikes because it isn’t Elektra.  Why? Because we strive to offer the very best bicycling products on the market, and we won’t cut corners there.
  • Products for Everyone, not Just One Kind of Cyclist – Bicycling should be accessible and enjoyable for people of all abilities and physical conditions.  That’s why, in addition to high-performance sport and mountain bikes, we offer bikes that are geared for comfort. Our Day6 comfort bikes allow riders with serious physical challenges to get out and enjoy biking, while our Sun three-wheelers allow people with balance issues to get those wheels spinning.
  • Commitment to Service – We’ve all experienced bad service at one time or another. You should never have to pay for bad service. That’s why at Cycle Shack, we stand firmly behind every piece of service work we perform, and every product we sell.  We provide timely warranty repairs as well as very quick turnarounds on tuneups and adjustments.  And if we don’t get something right the first time–which is rare–we take ownership and fix it at our own expense.
  • Fitting – The most important first step in selecting a bike is fitting. This means understanding how posture, height, inseam length, and arm length affect the buyer’s choice of the bike frame.  It also affects how we set up the handlebar rise, sweep, and saddle position on the bike in order to optimize rider comfort and performance. Try getting that at Dick’s, or on Amazon.

So, before you become a big box bike horror story, visit our shop or consider purchasing professional local bike assembly on our web site.