Topeak TrolleyTote Folding MTX Trunk Basket

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This rollaway tote-basket is perfect for going to the grocery store, the beach, or just transporting things around the neighborhood. The telescoping handle allows the rollaway tote to be easily handled, like a rolling suitcase, while the lightweight plastic will add very little weight to your bike. Compatible with Topeak MTX racks for easy sliding on and off. Holds approximately 1.5 cubic feet of cargo, enough for two full paper grocery sacks. Recommended for use with a bungie cargo net.

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Weight 8 lbs

1 review for Topeak TrolleyTote Folding MTX Trunk Basket

  1. Nigel Kent

    This thing allows me to grocery shop every other day on my bike. This way I can actually bike 15-18 more miles every week. It holds enough for 3-4 days of groceries (for me anyway) and doubles as the shopping cart while I’m in the store. I wouldn’t put one of these on a road bike but it’s great for a commuter/city bike especially if you live within say 10 miles of a grocery store and you’re looking to find an excuse to ride more. 100%

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