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Whether you own a business or you are a DIY'er at home, our wide variety of materials will help you get started.

Made In Lancaster Pennsylvania

At DutchWare Gear, we're passionate about the outdoor spaces we have right here at home. Because of that, we take a minimalist approach in producing and manufacturing our innovative, high-quality camping hammocks and other products. Dutch Clips, LLC, which produces Dutch suspension hardware for hammocks, takes a similar approach. 

Our love for this land has also made us focus on keeping production and manufacturing local, so we can honor the people who live here. Where possible, we use U.S. manufacturers, which helps us give back to American communities and closely monitor quality.

We want to be good stewards of this Earth, and by keeping our packaging minimal, we save you money on shipping costs and keep our carbon footprint smaller. 

Our products are designed to be gentle on the Earth. Our suspension systems for our ultralight camping hammocks, for example, use XtremPro Gaming Desk Huge PC Console Gamer Table Three Monitor D to keep trees safe from damage. As a company offering products for backpackers and nature enthusiasts, we take good care of our Earth today to ensure future generations can enjoy this planet, too.

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Lightweight Camping Hammocks

Whether you're new to hammock camping or a seasoned pro, DutchWare hammocks offer comfort, durability, reliability, and quality you can see and feel. Each of our hammocks comes with a guarantee against manufacturer defects and a satisfaction guarantee.

We offer five ultralight camping hammocks: The Chameleon Hammock, Half-Wit Hammock, Hammock Chairs, the 11-Foot Netless Hammock, and the Half-Zipped Hammock.

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Hammock Suspension

DutchWare Gear carries the suspension systems you need for safe hanging. A complete camping hammock suspension includes hammock rope and tree hugger straps, plus hooks, continuous loops, or other hardware. Since every outdoor aficionado is different, DutchWare Gear offers 10 lightweight hammock suspensions, letting you choose one to suit your preferences and needs. Choose from:

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Your Go-To Source for Hammock Camping Supplies

We have durable camping tarps that protect you while offering breathability. Our winter hammock tarps protect you from precipitation and cold wind, while our innovative hammock hex, rectangle, and Asym tarps are shaped uniquely to offer more protection than a square model.

Our Hahuho 90x132 inch Rectangular Sequin Tablecloth Fuchsia, Glitte cover more area for extra coverage. Additionally, our Dyneema® Composite Fabric tarps are of the highest quality on the market.

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One-Stop-Shop for All Your DIY Supplies

DutchWare Gear has a selection of fabric, Roman 011301 PRO-838 1 gal Heavy Duty Wallpaper Adhesive, Clear, and hardware if you want to make your own gear. Choose from Xenon, Hexon, silnylon, and other fabrics in many colors and patterns. Whether you need something lightweight, breathable, waterproof, or any other kind of fabric, you can check out our wide selection.

We also carry a wide range of suspension ropes. They are available for purchase by foot, in sections, or by the spool.

If you're looking for Scotch-Brite(TM) Deburr and Finish PRO Unitized Wheel, 6 in x 1/, we have Dutch hooks, pole tips, poles, tarp hooks, cord pulls, and more.

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Product 14-CF1000 Series:14-DK1003DX 14-ce2047tx 15-EF1013DX 14-ce0006nm 14-cf0015nc 14-DH2075CL 14-cf1051tu 14-ce0030nf 15-dw0035nm 14-ce2071nl L11421-1C2 15-cs0156ng 15-cs0103tx 14-ce2012nf 14-cm0078ur 15-dw0050od 15-cs0014nc 15-cs0028ur 15-cs0086cl 14-ce0026nf 15-cs0004no 15-cs0033tx 14-ce0011nw 14-ce2086nb 15-dw0084nf 14-cf1057tx 15-cs0993na 15-cs0129tx capacity 15-cs0056od 14-cf1009tx 14-cm0013nb 14-cm0037no 15-dw0027nl Return 15-cs0042cl 14-ce2400ng 15-dw0046nr 14-cf0000ur 14-cm0006la 14-ce0004nl 15-dw0077nl 14-cm0036na 14-cm0012la Number 14-cf1012tu 15-cs1034tx 15-dw0050ns 14-ce2068st 14-ce2071tx 14-ce0019ur warranty Convertible 14-cf0131tu 14-cf0011la 15-cs2064st 14-cf0020ur This 15-cs0800no 14-ce1029tx 15-dw0032nm 14-cm0038na 14-cf2006nt 14-ce2064tx 14-ce266nd 15-dw0009ne Models: 15-cs0015na 14-ce2010tx 17-BY1053DX 14-cm0022la 14-ce0022tu 14-cf1011nt Manufacturer. 14-ce2001nx 14-ce1042tx 14-ce2030tx 15-dw0090nl 14-ce0830nd Tested 14-ce2005nj 15-cs0852nd 14-ce2067tx 14q-cs0017tu 14-ce2060tx hp 14-cf0047nf 14-cf0919ng 15-dw0015ne Number: 14-ce0002tu 15-cs0072tx 15-cs1004na 14-cf2009tx 14-cm0104au 14-ce2013tx 14-ce0012ni 14-cm0077ur 15-cs0073cl 15-cs0010nf 15-cs0056wm 15-cs0995nl 14-cm0014la 14-ce2090nb 14-cf0500sa 14-ce2039tu 14-ce0852no 14-cm0041nr 15-cs0061tx 14-cf1014tu 14-cf0020no 15-dw0006nt the 15-dw0002nc 15-dw0054wm 15-cs1042ng 14-ce0021nf 15-cs2051od 14-cf0019ur 15-dw0011na 15-dw0019no 15-CS1065CL 14-cf0054la 15-dw0019nb 15-dw0024nq 15-cs0013nf circulatory 15-dw0058nf 15-cs1018ng 14-cf0023nf 14-cm0078au 14-cm0079ur 14-ce2029nm 14-cf1506sa Specifications: 15-cs0007nm 15-cs0064cl 14-cf0001nq 14-cf0335nd 14-ce0029tu 340 15-cs1032tx 15-cs0049ur 15-dw0016nh 15-dw0085nr 14-ce2046tu 15-cs0001nj 14-ce0012nw 14-cf2019tu 15-cs1010nl 15-dw0035nw 14q-cs0005tu 15-cs0017tx 15-dw0016ne 14-ce2072tx 14-cf0065tx 14-ce0019nf 14-cf1012ds 15-cs0007ni 15-cs0004la Package 14-cf2016nt 14-ce23nz 15-cs0600nz 15-dw0028nm 15-cs0036nl 15-dw0004nl TPN-C136 entering 14-ce2812no 14-cf0005la 14-cm0029au 14-DF0XX 14-ce0017ns 14q-cs0014tu 15-cs0017nf 14-ce0026ur 14-ce0046ur 14-cf1059tx 14-cf0025nf 15-dw0081nl 15-dw0021cl 14-ce0007ns 14-ce0002sa 15-cs0018nt 14-ce1040tx 14-ce2300ng 14-ce1012nw 14-cf1000nj 14Q-CS0000 10 15-cs0001no TPN-I133 14-cm0029no 14-ce2020nw function 14-DF 14-ce1003ne 15-dw0002la 14-cf0019nf 14-ce0047ur 14-ce0013nf 14-cm0002nf 14-ce0520sa 14-cf0006dx 15-cs0071tx 15-dw0014na cycles 15-dw0015nf 14-cf0055tx 14-ce2716nd 15-cs0066tx 14-ce0000nq 15-cs0035nq 15-cs0078nr 14-ce1001tx control 14-cf0084ur 15-dw0077nr 15-cs0001nx includes:1-Battery 14-DH2034NR 14-cf1001ne 14-ce2706nd 14-ce2013nia 14-cf0009ns 14-ce0521sa 14-ce1022nb 15-cs0069tx 14-cm0010no 14-cf1005nc 14-ce2069nb 14-FQ0037NR 15-dw0031ni 15-dw0008ne 15-cs0070tx 15-cs0809no 15-dw0012na 15-cs0046nl Policy 15-dw0053nl 14-ce2089tx 14-ce0031tu 14-cf0089ur 14-cf1054nb TPN-Q210. 15-cs1043nb 14q-cs0007tu 15-cs0016nw 14-ce2092tx 15-cs0600ng 15-cs0925nd 14-ce0012ns 14-cf1058tx 14-cf1028tx 15-cs0058od 14-ce0055ur 14-ce0401ng 14Q-CY 15-dw0085nm 14-ce2006la 15-dw0094nl 14-ce0518sa 14-ce0013ur 14-cf0081tx 14-cf0022ur 14-cf0007ns 15-cs0025ur 14-cm0043la 14-cf1502sa 15-cs1010no 15-DB0031NR 15-cs0028nq 15-dw0030nf assured 14-cm0019au 15-CW 14-ce3002nj 14-cf2003ur 14-cf2000tx 15-cs0154ng 14-cm0015ax 15-dw0000nm 14-ce1031tx 14-cf1000nm 14-ce1028tx 14-cf0010nf 14-ce0001la power 15-cs0032cl 14-ce0024tu 15-EF 14-ce0006ne 14-ce3001nx 14-ce0000 15-dw0089nl 14-ce2044tx 14-ce2081nl 14-ce0063tx 14-cf0017nc 14-cf0019no 15-cs0150nd Why yournbsp;. TPN-I131 14-ce0054ur 15-dw0007na 14-ce0106nd battery. 15-dw0055nf 15-dw0044ns 15-cs0002ne more TPN-Q208 15-dw0027nh 14-ce0082tx battery? 14-ce0008nm 14-cf0116tu 14-ce0017ur 15-dw0020nl 14-cf2009ne 14-ce0048ur your 14-ce1023tx 14-ce0017tu 15-dw0073nb 15-cs1018ur 15-DW0033NR Compatible 14-cf0010ds 14-ce2037tu Pavilion 15-cs0064st 15-cs0150ng 11.55V. 15-cs0019nt 15-dw0047nm 15-cs0067tx 14-ce0595sa 15-cs0006nx 15-cs0083cl 17-CA 14-ce0507sa 15-dw0005nl 15-cs0009tx 14-cf0000nl 14-ce2068tx 14-ce0006na Black 14-cf0014nc 14-cm0032au 14-ce0057ur 15-dw0057nl 15-cs0001nm 14-ce0011nf 14-ce0090tx 14-DH2097NR 15-cs0021nf 14-cf1013nf 14-cf1046tu 15-dw0030ns 15-dw0042nf 15-dw0034nr 15-cs1000tx 14-ce2640nd PVC 15-cs0059nb 14-ce0150nd 14-ce2715nd 14q-cs1000tu 14-cm0071au 15 14-cf1005nl 15-cs1007nl 15-dw0018na 14-ce0971nd 15-dw0001nj 14-ce0821nd 14-ce0505sa 14-ce2004nq 14-ce0001ne 15-cs0129nb 15-dw0008nl 14-ce0029ur L11421-1C1 14q-cs0029tu 15-cs0022nf 15-dw0009nf 14-ce0005nw 15-cs0160nd of 14-ce2012tu 14-cm0013ax 14-cf2004nj 14-cf1018nt laptop 15-cs0206ng 255 14-cf0086ur HP 15-dw0084nm 14-ce3002nt also 15-cs1001ns 15-cs0004nq Use 15-cs0038nb 14-cf0010ur 15-cs0020nq 14-ce1000nd 14-cm0030la 15-cs0006nu 14-ce2008ns life Series: 15-dw0070nl 15-dw0000no 14-ce0004ns I 14-cf0020nz 14-cf2002nt 14-cf1002nj 14-cm0072ur 14-cm0030au 14-CE0005 15-cs0103ng 14q-cs0009tu find 14-cm0010au 14-cm0004la 14-ce0014ns 14-ce2016nl 15-dw0022ns 14-FQ 14-cf0008la 14-ce0022nf 14-cm0013na 15-cs0042nr 14-cf1061st 14-ce0002nia 14-cm0001au 15-DA0033WM Type: 15-cs1005ne 15-DA 15-dw0039nf 14-DK1025WM 14-cf0033no 14-ce0045ur from 15-dw0030nb 15-cs2031na 15G-DR 15-cs0035nl L11421-2C3 L11421-2D1 14-ce1073tx 14-ce1010nl Hose 14-cf2009nt 14-ce2079nl 14-ce0060tx 15-cs0102ng 15-cs1012nw 14-ce2085ne 15-dw0036nm 14-DH0000 15-cs2021cl 14-cf1053tu 15-cs0706nz 14-ce2704nd 14-ce2048tx 14-cf2017tu 14-ce1004nc 14-cm0029sa 15-cs0029ur 15-cs1022nl 15-dw0051ns 15-cs0059nr 15-cs0906nz 14-cf0004no 14-cm0000nf 15-cs0072wm 14-ce2043tx 14-DF0000 14-ce0404ng 15-dw0020nq 15-CS0051WM 15-cs0014nia 14-ce0052tx 14-ce0510nd 14-ce1005nl Series:14-DQ0070NR 15-cs0068tx 15-EF0022NR 15-cs0996nl 15-dw0003la 14-cm0045na 15-cs0099na L11421-542 15-cs0017ur 17-BY1033DX 14-cf0020nf 12 14-ce0510sa 240 15-dw0004la 14-cf1009ni 14-cf1017ds Series 14-ce0595na TPN-Q209 14-cf0049tx 14-cf0008nf 14m-dh0001dx 15-DY 14-ce2011nf 14-ce0069tx 14-ce0030ur 15-cs0040na 14-ce1013tx 14Q-CS0006TU 14-ce1041tx 15-cs0010ds 14-ce2086tx 14-ce0020nf 14-ce2802no 15-dw0012no 14-ce0005nc 14-ce2045nw 14-cf1050tx 14-ce1003na 14-ce0051tx 14-ce2005ne 14-cf0027nf 14-DK0736MS 14-ce0009nc 14-cf0006ns 15-dw0056nm 15-cs0993nl 14-ce2008tx 14-ce1004tx 14-cf1018tu 14-ce2041nw 14-ce0009nm 245 15-cs0052cl TPN-Q210 14-cm0003no 14-ce2001ne 15-dw0087nr 14-ce3002nx 14-ce2011nq 14-cm0032la 15-cs0099tx 5 15-dw0001nh 14-cf1004tu 14-cm0054la and 14-cm0037au 14-cf1004ur number. 15-CS2000 14-ce0502sa 15-cs0080tx 14-ce2040tu 14-ce2077tx 15-dw0040ns 15-cs2016na 15-cs0020nt 15-cs0006tx 15-cs0019nw 14S-DK0002AU 15-cs0004nk 14-ce1003tx 15-cs1017nl strict 14-cm0037na 15-cs0000nj 15-cs0055tx 14-cf0009nh 14-ce1058wm 14-DH2671CL 14-cf0001nh 15-dw0025nv 15-cs0020nk 14-cm0039au 14-cm0012ax 14-ce2011ns 14-ce0004nm 15-cs0009nq 14-cf0797no 14-ce1000nee 15-cs1011nw 15-cs1017nf 14-CM0012NR 14-cm0008no 14-cm0001la 15-cs1005ur 15-cs1010na 14-cf0005nh 14-cf0010ns 15-cs0061st 15-cs1031tx 14-cf0016nc 14-cf1210la 14-cf0007nx 15-cs0069nr 14-ce2075nl 14-ce2039nm 14-ce0019tu 15-cs0016nf 15-cs0005nf 14-ce2011nc 15-cs0813no 15-dw0001nc 15-cs0079nr 14-ce0108nd 14-cm0031na 15-cs1016nf 15-cs1006na 15-cs1006tx 15-dw0006ne 14-cm0004ns 15-dw0018ns 14-ce1006nc 14-DQ2055WM 14-ce0006nf 14-ce2046tx 14-ce0036nl 14-ce0005ur 15-cs0088nb 14-cf2001tu 15-cs0061cl 14-cf0001ur 14-DQ1033CL 14-cf0075tu to 15-dw0033nr 14-cf0320ng 14-cf2011nt 14-ce1009nl 15-dw0091nr 14-ce3002na 15-dw0087nl friendly 15-cs1002la 14-cm0008la 17-CA2097NR 14-ce0011nu 15-cs0014ur 14-ce0002ng 14-cm0003ax Hp 14-cf1007nf 14-cm0065st 14-ce0053tx 15-cs0008ns 15-dw0007nh 15-cs1001la 14-ce2714nd 15-cs0063cl 15-cs2018nt 14-ce0000nx 15-dw0084nl 14-ce2084nl recharge 14-cf0045tx 14-cm0008ns 14Q-CS 14-ce2013nl 14-ce0024nl 15-dw0019ns 15-dw0017nq 15-cs0500nz 15-dw0078nr 14-cf1045la 14-DK1013DX 17-BY1055CL. 15-cs0078nb 14-ce0043tx 15-cs0005ng 14-ce2052lnl 14-ce2085tx 14-cf0009nf 14-cf0027no 14-cf1003nm 14-cf1001nx 14-ce0850no 14q-cs0018tu 15-DA0012DX 14-ce0300ng 14-ce0597na 14-ce0403ng 15-cs0013tx 15-cs0057nu 14-ce2012tx 14-cf0013no 14-ce2038nm 14-ce0594sa 15-cs0028na 15-cs2018na 15-cs0057tx 15-cs0065nu 14-cm0033la 15-dw0018nf 15-cs0077tx 14-ce0002ne 14-ce0994nl 15-cs0024cl 14-ce0067ur 15-DB2 Pcs Set 4-Sides LED Headlight Bulb 9005 HB3 High Low Single Bem Item: Sprockets: 5.43"Number Make This Roller ANSI SingleMaterial Compliance: Size 1.25"Agency Sprocket - Hose Standards 20 Type Qmee Industry Number Chain BoreBore Bore by 81円 Hub SteelPitch 60Number Teeth National 1"Outside fits Rows: Irrigation SprocketItem Bore: entering 10 21Sprocket Specifications: Dia.: yournbsp;. 5 through Pipe BLength PVC 21 Item Size: your 5.033"Sprocket Institute TRITAN model Type: Pip Fixed SprocketIndustry American Dia. of number. this sure 60ProCase 9#34;-10.1#34; Inch Universal Tablet Case, Protectivewhat laminate remove 5 manufacturer all dings FOR case easy beautiful m not fingertips MightySkins 10 MightySkin? 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