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Fuji Factory Team Wins Big in Aspen

Amy Morrison (Right) took third place at the 2018 Big Mountain on her Fuji mountain bike.

Rocking their Fuji mountain bikes, the Fuji Factory Team crushed the Big Mountain Enduro series event in Aspen Colorado last week.  Athlete Amy Morrison, also the 2016 champion of the California Enduro series finished in third on her full-suspension Fuji Auric.

Enduro Champion Jimmy Smith (center) is new to the Fuji Factory team this year.

Teammate Jimmy Smith, former champion of the Southern Enduro Tour,  finished twelfth overall at the same event as Amy. Jimmy is also backed by Garmin.

Overall, the Big Mountain Enduro was a huge splash for the Fuji Factory Team.  Hats off from our team to Fuji’s.

For more information about the dynamic all-mountain style Fuji Auric bike, give us a call!

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Teddy’s Ultimate BMX Newcomer’s Guide

BMX, or Bicycle Moto-cross, is a fantastic sport that tons of people of all ages really love! Today is the perfect time to get into BMX, because the bikes, accessories, and prices have never been better than they are today.

But before we get too far into the technology, let’s figure out what kind of BMX rider you are, or want to be. Read on to find out!

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Fuji Rider Sarah Haskins wins the Philadelphia Escape Triathlon

Triathlete Sarah Haskins (pictured) won the Philadelphia Escape Triathlon this past weekend riding a Fuji competition bike. Congratulations to Sarah and all the amazing riders who choose Fuji road bikes for their competitions.

We’d also like to congratulate Nicolle Bruderer who won the Guatemala National Championship individual time trial event on her Fuji competition bike. Congrats to these amazing athletes who, like Cycle Shack, choose Fuji bikes.


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Bicycle Discomfort? Check Your Posture

A common complaint among casual cyclists is discomfort: numbness and tingling in the arms and hands, shoulder tightness, and numbness or pressure in the crotch are the most common complaints. Usually, these issues are symptomatic of a bigger issue, though, and that issue is posture.

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How to do a proper bike tune-up (and the tools you’ll need!)

Your bike was shifting great, braking instantly, and effortless to ride.

But that was 1000 miles ago. Now, those shifts aren’t so quick, and the brakes are making some noise–and not stopping you. You chain might’ve even popped off of the crank.

It’s time for a tune-up.

At Cycle Shack, we have a tried and true methodology for bike tuneups that we’ve employed on thousands of bicycles in southwest Florida. There are five key areas we seek to improve with every tune-up we do:

  • Wheel performance
  • Drive-train performance
  • Brake performance
  • Steering performance
  • Aerodynamic performance

Curious as to how we do it? Read on. Only be prepared–when we tune a bike, we don’t cut corners. That means be prepared with the right tools. Read on to find out how!

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Cyclists, Motorists, and Traffic Laws

Cycle Shack serves one of the most bicycled communities in the United States: Naples Florida and the surrounding areas in Collier County. This is one of the few areas in the country where there are more bicycles owned than there are automobiles, and where bikes on public roadways comprise a meaningful percentage of overall commuter traffic.

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Bike Pedals 101

A molded plastic platform pedal is the most common type of pedal you’ll find on a bicycle at the bike shop.

The only piece on a bike that is almost always touching the rider is the pedal. The pedal transfers the power from the rider’s muscles into the crank arms, drive train, and wheels, motivating the bicycle forward over the ground. Pedals often have a reflector on the front and back to increase the rider’s visibility, too.

So, pedals are pretty important, right?

Before buying a bike, or installing new pedals on your old bike, it’s important to understand the engineering differences between the various pedals that are out there.

Types of Bike Pedals

First, know that there are three basic types of pedals: platform pedals, cage pedals, and clip-in pedals. Each serves a specific purpose.

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A Crash-course About Cycling Gloves

fingerless cycling gloves
Fingerless gloves are ideal for road cyclists.

Plenty of cyclists ride without gloves. We like to call these kind and well-meaning people “risk-takers”.

Along with a helmet, a good pair of riding gloves can save you from an E.R. visit and worse. Gloves protect against road-rash on the hands, sunburn, and of course, cuts. Wearing gloves certainly is preferable to picking glass or debris from your palms!

So how does one choose the right pair of gloves?

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