3G Bikes – An American Symbol of Style

Comfort First

The hallmark of 3G Bikes' ingenious pedal-forward frame design is comfort. But 3G's obsession with comfort doesn't stop at the frame.

The world-famous "GGG" extra-wide saddle gives the rider extra cushion for your sit bones while allowing extended periods of upright-seated travel.

The tires on 3G bikes act as suspension, provide a gliding feeling on just about any hard terrain.

The pedal-position on 3G bicycles is forward from the saddle, allowing the rider to sit up straight while riding. This emphasizes lower back comfort and aides the rider in getting on and off the bike easily.

3G's handlebars are purpose-built for the comfort and precision steering requirements of each bike, eliminating stress in the shoulders and arms and bringing the grips closer to the rider.

Style Always

Get there on a machine that offers daring geometry and premium paint finishes. 3G Bikes tops the industry with eye-catching colors in matte and gloss texture.  Some of the bikes even offer anodized frames with matching anodize grip clamps.

Yes, comfort is priority one--but never at the expense of style.

3G Bikes offer an amazing assortment of color combinations along with trademark anodized wheels on many models, like the one shown above.

The brown accessory group on certain 3G Bikes, like this Vanilla finish single-speed, gives you a sophisticated, classic look.

The aggressive look of 3G's city bikes comes from an aggressive chain guard design, unique double-tube frame, and precision aluminum welds.

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